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Hello colleagues,
I've just recorded tutorial of Revit Architecture 2013 (free and on-line)
A lot of time I was planning the same training on English, but cause of my poor English skills I wanted to improve language first. But it takes a lot of time, so now I decided to record first version of tutorial. I recomend to watch these videos to non-native English speakers.
I hope to update this material as soon as I improve my English.
Here's the link:
Revit and its friends: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013: Basic (free video on-line training)
Also there is a Autodesk Revit Families Editor: Annotation and detailing
Revit and its friends: Autodesk Revit 2013 family editor: Annotation and detailing (free video on-line training)
Best regards,
Alexander Vysotskiy

Our list of favorite Revit Tutorials

'Revit Architecture 2013 and Beyond' written by Paul Aubin. This would be an excellent choice after you have gone through it and become fairly profecient Revit, it will become a reference that you will. Revit Training and Tutorials. Learn Revit Architecture from the experts and use the building information modeling (BIM) application to design a house, building, or other structure. Our Revit tutorials cover.

As Revit is the design software for multiple disciplines, there may be a learning curve that comes with it, especially if you come from other software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp. If you’ve exhausted our earlier list of 3D tutorial websites, we’ve provided another list focusing on the best references for Revit you can find online. We also have a Architect's Guide to Revit and the Top Plug-ins and Add-ons for Revit

Let's dive in.

Autodesk University

Autodesk University is the official tutorial resource of Autodesk, the company that puts out Revit and its sister software (AutoCAD, Dynamo). The website holds a plethora of video tutorials for anyone looking for anything related to Revit.

  1. Download MicroCADD Learning APP: Buy AutoCAD Complete Course MicroCADD:
  2. Voiceover Hello, my name is Paul F. Aubin and welcome to Revit Architecture 2013 Essential Training. Over the last decade Revit has become the defacto, standard computer application for architects and building design professionals. We'll start with basics like walls, columns, doors and windows. We'll build floor slabs and roofs and learn.

Aside from their online tutorials, Autodesk University also holds physical events where students, hobbyists, and professionals can join in real life to connect and learn from each other. This makes it a great community-based resource center!

Featured tutorial: For those who are new to Revit and have been avoiding the Revit Family Editor, Revit has a tutorial just for you! The Revit Family Creation: A Step-by-Step Introduction (Just for Beginners) tutorial

V-Ray for Revit

Although V-Ray is a plug-in for most 3D software, its website has a page dedicated for tutorials using V-Ray for Revit. Whether you need help in setting up V-Ray or achieving realistic material effects, there’s a video tutorial to help get you through the basics.

Featured tutorial:The Introduction to V-Ray for Revit is a great tutorial for both the V-Ray and Revit beginner. This tutorial goes into basic lighting, camera, and material techniques and settings to help get you through your first Revit project.


BIMScape is managed by Ian Nichols, a registered architect and Autodesk Revit Architeture Professional User based in the United Kingdom. The website, which began in 2005, holds various articles and tutorials related to Autodesk Revit and other BIM software making it one of the most recommended third-party blogs and references out there.

Featured tutorial:The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture is a comprehensive online guide to Revit. It contains a mix of articles and video tutorials to give you everything you need to know about Revit. Although the guide is free for 30 days, BIMScape also offers a premium version which will give you lifetime access to the course!


Although not necessarily a blog devoted for Revit, quality Revit tutorials and courses are available in Lynda. Lynda requires paid monthly membership to enjoy the lessons. However, students can avail any of the courses for free with a student email. For those without a student email, some libraries hold Lynda memberships and library users can avail those for free—sweet!

Featured tutorial:Revit 2019: Custom Furniture Modeling uses Revit for interior design modeling. In this course by Chante Bright, users can model complex feature units and build small details to help add that extra oomph to an interior design project.


Like Lynda, Udemy is a skill-sharing platform for various interests and disciplines. The main difference between the two is that Udemy works on a per-course basis instead of a membership fee. This makes you have lifetime access to these courses once the purchase is complete.

Although most courses come with a price, Udemy often offers discounts to make courses more affordable. Users may also upload free courses or trial versions of courses, which can help your bank account breathe for a bit!

Featured tutorial: Revit Architecture for Beginners this popular course by Paul Ugwu teaches a practical hands-on Revit training course, where beginners will be able to produce drawings and rendered images by the end of the course.

Plural Sight

Plural Sight is another course library platform with a focus on IT and CAD skills. Plural Sight members can widen and improve their skills using courses, and take industry-level certification practice exams. Users can take on various skill assessments such as Skill IQ, Role IQ, and hands-on learning.

Plural Sight has a membership-based payment scheme, where users can pay monthly or annually. A premium plan also exists for those looking into extra features such as the certification practice exams and interactive courses. For those still deciding if they should bite the bullet, Plural Sight has a 10-day trial period where you can try everything for free!

Featured tutorial:Revit Architecture: Modeling Families is a great tutorial for the experienced Revit user. This tutorial focuses on teaching drafters and CAD operators to develop 3D modeling skills in the Building Information Modeling workflow with Revit.

Revit Rocketship

Revit Rocktship is an online course developed by Alex Gore, architect and co-owner of the architecture firm F9 Productions, and teaches Revit at the University of Colorado Boulder. The course covers the basics of modeling with Revit: choosing the appropriate Revit software for your needs, the basics to Revit, the Revit Families philosophy, and even starting and managing projects.

Revit 2013 tutorials for beginners tutorial

The Revit Rocketship has various payment schemes, where it can retail for a one-time purchase of $399 or $45/month for 10 months. A VIP version is also available, where courses cost



Learning-Revit is a blog by Veng Leong, a Viginia Tech alum who graduated with an architecture degree. Leong works in an architecture firm and uses his blog to update and/or give tutorials and tips on any Revit difficulties he’s experienced and troubleshooted along the way.

Featured tutorial: The Import AutoCAD 2D Drawing to Your Revit Model for Revit 2013 helps introduce AutoCAD users to Revit. The tutorial may be a bit old (published in c. 2013), but most of the commands and concepts remain the same, making it a great introduction to Leong’s blog.

Revit Courses

Revit Courses is managed by Mostafa Saber, a professional architect and certified Autodesk instructor. Saber’s tutorials focus on tips and tricks beginners may need to know to get ahead, or to maximize their workflow using existing software features. Although the target audience may be for Revit neophytes, experienced users may have a thing or two to remember or realize from his tutorials.

Featured tutorial: Saber’s Revit in a Minute – 101 Revit Interface links you to his Youtube channel, where he shows the basics in more or less a minute. Whether you’re a beginner needing some direction or a veteran trying to polish your skills, Saber’s Revit in a Minute series is a quick and easy way to get acquainted with Revit.

Revit Pure

Revit Pure is managed by designer and architect Nicolas Catellier. Created in 2016, Revit Pure gives out information on the latest Revit updates, techniques, and design tips. Revit Pure believes that learning Revit should be simple, and their tutorials help you master Revit in a natural and straightforward way.

Featured tutorial:13 Tips to Create a Great Revit Template is a good introduction on generating your own Revit templates, which is useful in customizing it to your personal needs for increased productivity in your workflow.

Revit: A Structured Approach

Revit 2013 Tutorials For Beginners For Beginners

This blog focuses on using Revit for structural engineering and design. As of this writing, Revit: A Structured Approach has ten years’ worth of tutorials and articles, making it a gold mine for anything and everything about Revit—whatever your version is.

Revit Tutorials For Beginners 2017

Featured tutorial: An Overview of Structural Analysis for Revit teaches users how to use the new tool which has replaced the Load Takedown add-on for Revit. This tutorial is a great read for both beginners and Revit veterans using the newer Revit software.