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64-bit instruction and registers and NASM macro assembler highlighting was implemented. '' library adapted for using in 64-bit applications. Many bugs were fixed. version 2.2: Significantly improvements of SASM interface and usability. Full color and syntax highlighting customization. All widgets become docking windows with.

  1. How to Run or Install MASM Software on Windows (32 or 64-bit) using DOSBox with Video Tutorial Admin Common technical Troubles, Softwares., Windows 74 M ost of the Students doing their courses in Computer science & Information Technology using windows 7 or Windows 8 find it difficult to use few programming language because of few.
  2. I recently upgraded to a 64 bit computer from a 32 bit. I have used masm32 for x86 assembly previously. My computer can run 32 bit processes, but I would prefer to use all of my computers capability and write x64 assembly programs. I do not want to have to install extra things (like ide's) to make an assembler run. What assembler should I use?

Assembles and links one or more assembly-language source files. The command-line options are case-sensitive.

For more information on ml64.exe, see MASM for x64 (ml64.exe).


ML [options] filename [ [options] filename]

ML64 [options] filename [ [options] filename] .. [/link link_options]


The options listed in the following table.

/ATEnables tiny-memory-model support. Enables error messages for code constructs that violate the requirements for .com format files. This option isn't equivalent to the .MODELTINY directive.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/BlfilenameSelects an alternate linker.
/cAssembles only. Does no linking.
/coffGenerates common object file format (COFF) type of object module. Required for Win32 assembly language development.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/CpPreserves case of all user identifiers.
/CuMaps all identifiers to upper case (default).
Not available in ml64.exe.
/CxPreserves case in public and extern symbols.
/Dsymbol⟦=valueDefines a text macro with the given name. If value is missing, it's blank. Multiple tokens separated by spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks.
/EPGenerates a preprocessed source listing (sent to STDOUT). See /Sf.
/ERRORREPORT [ NONEPROMPTQUEUESEND ]Deprecated. Error reporting is controlled by Windows Error Reporting (WER) settings.
/FhexnumSets stack size to hexnum bytes (the same as /link /STACK:number). The value must be expressed in hexadecimal notation. There must be a space between /F and hexnum.
/FefilenameNames the executable file.
/FlfilenameGenerates an assembled code listing. See /Sf.
/FmfilenameCreates a linker map file.
/FofilenameNames an object file. For more information, see Remarks.
/FPiGenerates emulator fix-ups for floating-point arithmetic (mixed language only).
Not available in ml64.exe.
/FrfilenameGenerates a source browser .sbr file.
/FRfilenameGenerates an extended form of a source browser .sbr file.
/GcSpecifies use of FORTRAN- or Pascal-style function calling and naming conventions. Same as OPTION LANGUAGE:PASCAL.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/GdSpecifies use of C-style function calling and naming conventions. Same as OPTION LANGUAGE:C.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/GZSpecifies use of __stdcall function calling and naming conventions. Same as OPTION LANGUAGE:STCALL.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/HnumberRestricts external names to number significant characters. The default is 31 characters.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/helpCalls QuickHelp for help on ML.
/IpathnameSets path for include file. A maximum of 10 /I options is allowed.
/nologoSuppresses messages for successful assembly.
/omfGenerates object module file format (OMF) type of object module. /omf implies /c; ML.exe doesn't support linking OMF objects.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/SaTurns on listing of all available information.
/safesehMarks the object as either containing no exception handlers or containing exception handlers that are all declared with .SAFESEH.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/SfAdds first-pass listing to listing file.
/SlwidthSets the line width of source listing in characters per line. Range is 60 to 255 or 0. Default is 0. Same as PAGE width.
/SnTurns off symbol table when producing a listing.
/SplengthSets the page length of source listing in lines per page. Range is 10 to 255 or 0. Default is 0. Same as PAGE length.
/SstextSpecifies text for source listing. Same as SUBTITLE text.
/SttextSpecifies title for source listing. Same as TITLE text.
/SxTurns on false conditionals in listing.
/TafilenameAssembles source file whose name doesn't end with the .asm extension.
/wSame as /W0/WX.
/WlevelSets the warning level, where level = 0, 1, 2, or 3.
/WXReturns an error code if warnings are generated.
/XIgnore INCLUDE environment path.
/ZdGenerates line-number information in object file.
/ZfMakes all symbols public.
/ZiGenerates CodeView information in object file.
/ZmEnablesM510 option for maximum compatibility with MASM 5.1.
Not available in ml64.exe.
/ZpalignmentPacks structures on the specified byte boundary. The alignment can be 1, 2, or 4.
/ZsPerforms a syntax check only.
/?Displays a summary of ML command-line syntax.

The name of the file.

The link options. For more information, see Linker options.


Some command-line options to ML and ML64 are placement-sensitive. For example, because ML and ML64 can accept several /c options, any corresponding /Fo options must be specified before /c. The following command-line example illustrates an object file specification for each assembly file specification:

Interface: HS-Light (Access-Level controlled) DeCom - DEUTZ Communicator (Access-Level controlled) Supported ECU´s: EMR4 (EDC17CV52, CV56B, CV54 ). Installation SerDia2010 V14.1.6.6. NEW: In future Serdia2010 will be released via an update tool. You only need to install the update tool to download and install the. Serdia2010 download.

Environment Variables

INCLUDESpecifies search path for include files.
MLSpecifies default command-line options.
TMPSpecifies path for temporary files.

See also

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