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Formatted usb flash drive by mistake Posted by MikeAugust 03 Best File Recovery Software Fix Errors Howto Format Recovery How to Repair Lexar 32GB Memory Stick Unable to Format Problem. Lexar is an American manufacture of media products and they offer a wide range of storage products like USB flash drives, SD cards, Memory Sticks, CompactFlash cards and card readers. Among the fastest USB flash drive available, Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 flash drives provides fast file transfer with speed up to 265MB/s read and 245MB/s write.

Flash drive is a data storage device that uses flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. USB flash drives are easy-to-use because they are small enough to carry in pockets and can plug into any computer with USB drive. USB flash drives are also called as thumb drives, jump drives, pen drives, key drives or simply USB drives. Lexar is an American manufacture of media products and they offer a wide range of storage products like USB flash drives, SD cards, Memory Sticks, CompactFlash cards and card readers. Among the fastest USB flash drive available, Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 flash drives provides fast file transfer with speed up to 265MB/s read and 245MB/s write.

The Lexar flash drive is ultra portable for everyday use and is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory capacities. The Lexar flash drives are convenient for storing or transferring files between different computers and sharing information with colleagues, friends and family members. Lexar flash drive can store various types of data files like Documents, folders, media files that include photos, audios and videos, ZIP and RAR archives, text files, etc. These data can be lost from your Lexar flash drive under various situations. One of which can be illustrated here.

The most common reason flash drive gets corrupted is impatience. Lexar flash drives get corrupted when you don’t safely remove them because of something called “write cache”. Essentially, write cache is a feature that improves write speeds. Rather than writing each request as it is received and forcing you to wait, your OS will cache this request and store it in write cache. When you tell your computer to safely remove or unmount the flash drive, then OS will write the entire requests into disk and tells all other background programs to stop accessing it. If you don’t safely remove flash drive then your files will get corrupted.

The files from Lexar hard drive can be lost in many unknown ways and some of the reasons are given below:

  • Accidental Data Deletion: You may accidentally delete some of important files while processing on the computer. The files that are deleted from Lexar flash drive will not be stored in Recycle Bin, thus it leads to data loss
  • Power Surge: While transferring files from the system to Lexar flash drive or vice versa suddenly if there is a power surge and system goes down, then data stored in flash drive may get corrupted or it can be lost
  • File System Corruption: While using cut-paste options for transferring files from Lexar flash drive to any other drive it should not be interrupted, if its interrupted then you may lose files from flash drive
  • Formatting the Flash Drive: Formatting is the process of erasing all your contents from the flash drive. Thus before formatting your Lexar flash drive have a proper backup of required files, else they will be lost
  • Virus Attack: There may be a chance of losing your files and other important folders from your flash drive when is connected with virus infected system

If you are using flash drive, then don’t be afraid when encounter data loss due to any of the above similar situations. You can recover all your lost files and folders by using any of the USB file recovery software. But most of the users prefer Yodot File Recovery to recover all their lost or deleted files.

Lexar flash drive recovery utility:

Yodot File Recoveryis one of the outstanding file restoration software which will recover all your files and folders that are deleted, lost or corrupted from Lexar flash drive. This tool will not only recover from your Lexar flash drive but it also recovers data from internal memory of the computer, laptops, notebooks and other storage devices.Yodot File Recovery will retrieve files from various flash drives brands like Lexar, HP, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, iBall, etc. This software uses advanced built in algorithm to identify and rescue your files that are lost or erased form Lexar flash drive.

Procedure for recovering files from Lexar flash drive:

  • Connect the Lexar flash drive to your computer
  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery software to the flash drive connected computer
  • Run the software to begin the recovery process and follow the instruction of it
  • The software displays two options in the main screen.i.e.,”Delete File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select the appropriate option depending on the data loss scenario
  • It will scan the computer and shows all the physical and logical drives present in the system including your Lexar flash drive
  • Select the lexar flash drive from which your files is to be recovered and press “ Next” option
  • The software will scan the selected flash drive and displays all the recovered files and folders in Data View and File Type View
  • Data View provides the hierarchical view of files and folders similar to windows explorer
  • File Type View helps to view recovered files on the basis of file extension
  • At last save the retrieved files to your desired location on your PC

Useful Tip:

  • Have a proper backup of your important files
  • Cross check you file before you format your flash drive
  • Don’t save your recovered files again to the same flash drive

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Flash drive flashing red but not working is one of the commonest issues related to USB drives. The possible causes and workable solutions vary according to your specific situation. If your flash drive is detected but inaccessible, don't hesitate to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to retrieve your files immediately. If it is blinking but not detected, don't worry. There are potential fixes provided below.

If your flash drive is blinking but not readable or inaccessible on your computer, stay here. By following the provided tips, you will make it work again without losing any data:

Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
Flash Drive Flashing & Inaccessible1. Recover data from inaccessible flash drive; 2.Repartition or format the flash drive..Full steps
Flash Drive Blink & Unrecognizable1. Check USB collection; 2. Update device driver in Device Manager; 3. Send for manual repair..Full steps

My flash drive continuously blinking red, is it dead

'I have a 64GB Lexar USB flash drive which has data on it. It appears functioning abnormally because after putting it in the computer, the light is flashing and blinking red. I'm not sure if the red light is the problem, but I can't access the drive due to an error saying 'G:/ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.'

Some flash drives, like Lexar flash drives, are equipped with an LED light that indicates the status of your device. Whether your flash drive light flashes or how it flashes always imply some information about your device.

Lexar Usb Drive Repair

Health Check for Blinking Flash Drive

Depending on the manufacturer or model, the tiny beam of light coming from a specific type of flash drive varies, it can be red, blue, green or orange, which conveys messages of data transfer, data reading or writing. Following are some examples that are supposed to help you determine whether your flash drive blinking red is normal or not.


  • Fast and repeatedly blinking red of a flash drive when it's first plugged in and powered on. After then, the light will turn off.
  • Red LED gradually growing brighter soon after a slow dimming.
  • Flash drive starts blinking only when data transfer.

Lexar Jumpdrive Repair Tool

× NO

  • Erratically blinking red and making a clicking noise.
  • Flash drive LED light stays on without flashing.
  • Flash drive blinking but not working/recognized or detected by Windows.

If you can't determine whether your flash drive is dead, you can follow the next part to check and repair your device.

How to Fix Flash Drive Flashing Red But Not Working

Both a flash drive detected but inaccessible and flash drive not detected are symptoms of a flash drive not working. But the solutions to these situations vary. Thus, before you fix your device, you need to check whether your USB flash drive is recognized in Disk Management:

Step 1. Keep your USB flash drive connected.

Step 2. Right-click 'This PC' and choose 'Manage'.

Step 3. Go to 'Disk Management'. Then you will find your device in one of the following situations:

  • The flash drive shows up in Disk Management but it is inaccessible i.e. showing unallocated space or RAW
  • The flash drive blinking red but not detected (no showing up in Disk Management)

Situation 1. Flash drive flashing red and inaccessible

If your flash drive can still be recognized by your computer but inaccessible, congratulations, you have a high chance to bring your device back to normal. If your device shows unallocated or RAW, recover data from your device and then partition or format your flash drive following the details below. If you see your USB flash drive showing 'No Media' or 'Not Initialized', go to the related article to learn how to cope with it.


Procedure 1. Recover data from inaccessible blinking red flash drive

Mostly, if the USB flash drive will blinking as red on your computer, it will become inaccessible on your computer.

In this case, your USB flash drive or other storage devices will also display as RAW or unallocated space in Disk Management. Given that, you need hard drive recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for help.

It allows you to retrieve the files stored on your blinking red flash drive easily in only 3 steps:

Step 1. Choose the flash drive to scan.

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and choose your flash drive where you lost important files. Click 'Scan' to start.

Step 2. Check and preview found flash drive data.

After a quick and advance scan, you can quickly locate a specific type of file by using the Filter feature as well as the Search.

  • Filter: A quick way to your wanted files.
  • Search: e.g. File name/file extension.

Step 3. Restore flash drive data.

After checking and finding lost flash drive files, select them and click Recover to restore. You shall save the found files to a safe location on your PC rather than to your flash drive.

With data safely recovered to another location, you can start partitioning or formatting the flash drive in your preferred way which usually fixes the corruption problem and brings it back to life.

Procedure 2. Partition/Format the flash drive

If your blinking flash drive shows as unallocated space, you will need to partition the device after the data recovery process in order to prepare it for data storage. While if your device has a RAW file system, you will need to format the USB flash drive to make it usable again.

Situation 2. Flash drive blinking but not recognized

The USB flash drive blinking but not detected can either result from minor connection issue or serious hardware failure of your device. If you don't know what the cause is, follow the tips below one by one to fix your problematic flash drive.

Method 1. Check the USB connection

There are two ways you can apply to check your flash drive connection, including:

Lexar 128gb Usb Driver Download

  • Change the USB port (if you are using a desktop, connect your USB flash drive to one of the rear ports)
  • If there is another computer available, connect your device to the machine

Method 2. Update device driver

An outdated device driver is also likely to be the reason why your USB flash drive is blinking red but not working. Therefore, updating your device driver is also a solution worth trying.

Step 1. Connect the USB flash drive to PC, right-click on 'This PC' (in Windows 10) and choose 'Properties'.

Lexar Usb Drive Repair

Step 2. Click 'Device Manager' then expand “Disk drives”. Find and right-click the problematic USB drive and select 'Update driver'


Step 3. Click 'automatically search for driver software online'.

Step 4. Wait for the driver to be updated, then reboot your computer. Afterward, you can try to reconnect your USB flash drive to PC and check whether the USB drive shows up or not.

Method 3. Send your device for manual repair

If your USB flash drive remained unresponded to the fixes above, I'm afraid there are physical corruptions on your device. In such a case, sending your device for manual repair is recommended. Is your device still under warranty? If so, you can get it replaced.

Lexar Usb Flash Drive Driver

For more possible fixes, you can refer to the article about Seagate external hard drive light blinking but not working or the one about USB flash drive not showing up.

The Bottom Line

What can cause a flash drive light blinking but not working? The possible causes could be many, i.e. file system error, I/O device error, connection issue, or hardware failure. This should remind you of two things: grow a good habit of using a USB flash drive and make a backup of your important files somewhere else.