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  • Keynotopia is a premier online store of user interface design for Keynote, Powerpoint and OpenOffice. The templates available include Web 2.0 Prototyping Templates, Facebook Prototyping Templates, OS.
  • Get the PowerPoint Prototyping Toolkit at This is a step by step guide on how to create a clickable prot.

Keynotopia Templates Free Download

Keynotopia templates – prototype UI using Keynote and Powerpoint

You can now create high fidelity prototypes in just a matter of minutes with the tools you already know and use. Keynotopia provides you set of templates for Keynote or Powerpoint to prototype like a Pro. You can create user interfaces and create interactive mockups for web, mobile, and desktop apps in minutes, without touching a design tool or writing a single line of code.


With Keynotopia you start with a blank presentation, and create a new slide for each application screen in the same way you create your ordinary presentation slides. Then you copy and paste the interface elements into your slides, and edit their labels, sizes and colors. You can add hyperlinks to make you interface interactive and clickable. You can even give your slide some cool transitions just by choosing from the slide transitions menu.

Here’s what comes with Keynote Prototyping Bundle ($67, currently on sale %50 off): User Experience templates, wireframe and prototyping templates for iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Web, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 7, OS X, Blackberry. You can set of templates for each device cheaper but the bundle gives you much better deal.

How to create interactive prototypes with Keynote using Keynotopia templates

1. Before starting to prototype UI, spend some time planning how user will interact with your interface.

Keynotopia Templates

drawing wireframe

Pc remote beta download for windows 10. 2. Open the .Key file that comes with the Keynotopia Prototyping Templates side by side with a new presentation.

Start by creating a slide for each screen by copying interface elements from the Keynotopia template and pasting them onto your presentation. To edit the label of an interface element, simply double click it and start typing.

edit elements

You can also modify element sizes, colors, and effects using the shape inspector in Keynote.

Keynotopia templates free download

3. To make an interface element clickable, select it, then open the hyperlink tab in the inspector, and specify the target slide.

4. Choose export from the file menu and select PDF. Then you can email it to yourself or share it via DropBox and open it on your iPhone/iPad using GoodReader.

Keynotopia is great tool to rapidly prototype UI using apps you already know. You’ll spend zero time mastering it as it’s very easy and intuitive to use. Keynotopia will be a great help for busy people who want to quickly get into creating user interface without spending hours learning something new.

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