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Serial Number Examples: 7 to 10 digits: 12L-30858, 13KP 001355 17 digits: HCMBAM0 VIN Number Location: Same location as Case, Caterpillar and John Deere. PDF Version: serial-number-hitachi-excavator.pdf. Transportation, handling or delivery charges incurred in the delivery of the unit to and from Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte. H) Any product of which the model or serial number has been removed, altered or appears different from the guarantee certificate.

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Please consult Koki Holdings America Ltd. Website for USA: 1-800-829-4752 and for CANADA: 1-800-970-2299 to locate your nearest service facility for warranty and non-warranty service on a Metabo HPT or Hitachi product.

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  • Split Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioners

Hitachi split air conditioners are cost effective and require minimal work for installation. We offer stylish split air conditioners which are suitable for all your interior decoration needs and offer superior energy efficiency and performance. Hitachi split air conditioner range includes inverter split air conditioners and star rated split air conditioners. Inverter split air conditioners consume a significantly low amount of power for their operation as the flow of refrigerant and the speed of the compressor are set optimally to achieve this. Hitachi inverter split air conditioners provide cooling for your office space and home in an economical and speed efficient way. Star rated split air conditioners by Hitachi offer cooling solutions which are energy efficient and productive for both home and office with the added feature of being environment friendly at the same time and they provide cutting edge cooling solutions making use of advanced technology.

Get more information about Hitachi Split Air Conditioners. Airport extreme software windows 10.

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